Dancing on ice, Sahajärvi, Teijo


During the schools’ winter holiday time here in Finland I went to my home in Teijo and tried to make the most out of it being out in the nature and enjoying the beautiful February sun. It’s amazing how fast the days are getting lighter. Right now we have this cold period here though, which gives us the real feeling of living in the North.

I have been in this Sahajärvi-national park hundreds of times but each time it still is fascinating and magical. This time I got to stand on ice on this small ”lake” in the middle of the park. Usually it’s too thin but due to these cold days I was able to stand there and get photos from different angle than usual. While I was shooting I realized this swan on the lake. I heard that there is a swan but I didn’t know exactly where so it was still a nice surprise for me to notice that. I took a couple of photos of the swan as well but I didn’t want to interrupt this beautiful creature too much.



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