Streetfood festival, Lecco, May 2017

IMG_5319IMG_5418IMG_5191IMG_5193IMG_5196IMG_5258IMG_5293IMG_5298In May 2017, when I was spending the last weekends in Italy, we went to Lecco to check this streetfood-festival. It was so cozy market because we girls all around the world could find something familiar in the festival area, like German food, Czech beer… Unfortunately there weren’t any Finnish food tent but it was still so cool to see food from so many different countries. And the weather was sunny and very warm and do I even have to mention the beauty of this area? The mountains, the lake, good weather and company =perfetto!

I don’t know how this happened that I haven’t written for soooooo long and the last photos I took in Italy never ended up here in my blog… But this is the first missing one, so there you go! 😀 Not many left but I guess I will post these every now and then and then I definitely start to post regularly because it’s always good practise to take photos and edit them and also write these posts.

I am very much ice-cream-girl and I’m sooo happy I ate sooooo much ice cream in Italy. Hahahhh, I remember one time going in gelateria and ordering ice cream with two flavours. The other one was something (I don’t remember) and the other one was nutella. While eating it I remember thinking that it really did taste like very thick nutella. Next time I asked if it was nutella ice cream or pure nutella and yeeaapp, pure nutella, hahah. But they’re crazy about nutella in Italy but no wonder though, since the origin of Nutella is in Italy.



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