Summer night in Tahkoluoto, Finland

IMG_6095IMG_6092IMG_6090 kopioIMG_6075IMG_6071IMG_6069 kopioIMG_6105IMG_6083IMG_6102Oooh, this getaway with the family in Pori, Finland was magical. I never like to stay awake very late but because I felt so fabulous arriving late to our cottage I took my sister with me to this rocky coast and enjoyed Finnish summer night. The moon was so pretty and all the windmills and sea made it a little bit surreal. I want these feelings back right now!

I’m happy to say that I told my landlord that this month (March) is the last month I’ll live here and after that I’m gone. At the moment I don’t know where I will be after a month but I hope I will experience something like this, or you know, I hope I will do/ be somewhere where I will get the feeling I got when I was in Tahkoluoto, for example, or in Italy in every city, or in Italy in general. My life has been quite, simple, here in Finland to put it slightly… 🙂


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