Sul lago di Como, a Varenna, a Oggiono

IMG_5593 kopioIMG_5565IMG_5566IMG_5570IMG_5599IMG_5600IMG_5602IMG_5607IMG_5614IMG_5618IMG_5653IMG_5673IMG_5681IMG_5717IMG_5718IMG_5728My last weekend in Italy was amazing. I enjoyed it the fullest and got to do so many beautiful things during the weekend. On saturday we went to Gardaland with the family and on Sunday in the morning the family took me on a boat ride and we went to Varenna, the most beautiful village around the lake. The friends of the family joined us with their boat and there we ate and hang out together in a pretty pretty Italian weather in the middle of the lake with mountains as our safe walls. After the boat ride I went to Oggiono for the first time to see a group of people from all around the world who I had met also before except couple of new faces. There we had a super cool picnic with good food and relaxed athmosphere. The lake there was totally still and what I’ve understood it’s like that very often so it’s paradise for taking photos!

Now I’m thinking about the Italian people who were always sooo friendly and helpful. They were so super amazing!



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