It’s smoking

IMG_7095Good evening!
Today I have a day off and I’ve been preparing my home for the moving. I’ve packed a little bit now and started to think about moving more. Coming days will be pretty hectic because of the work, dentist meeting(s), moving, seeing friends and eventually flying to Iceland on Sunday afternoon. I’m very excited for this small break I’ve decided to take from Finland.

To be honest I have no idea what will happen after these two months abroad. Will I be in Finland in June? Probably. But what will I do here? Work maybe? Where will I be living? Will I find the right accommondation? IMG_7096Last year at this time I was in Italy. I missed Finnish Spring and so I will do this year as well. I know it’s worth missing it by being abroad but anyway I really LOVE Finnish Spring. It’s something everyone waits here after cold and dark winter. Last Sunday we changed the time (is that a correct way to say it, hahah) one hour forward and now the Sun is still shining even though it’s seven pm. I’m happy that the forecast seems to be very good for this week so that my last days in Finland will be sunny yet still relatively cold. IMG_7085Today I talked with my sister about wisdom teeth. Hahahh I called immediately to the dentist to book an appointment. Thanks sis… 😀 Okayy I guess it’s good to check it since I’ll be away for two months at least so that I don’t need to worry about it/them when I’m abroad but yes I have to admit I’m very late with this thing. Hopefully everything is fine in my mouth and nothing needs to be done. IMG_7111

These pictures are pictures I was inspired to take when the Sun was shining. I remember it was a day after darker days when the Sun finally showed up and brought the light in my apartment. Of course it was inspiring. I feel always more alive when it’s sunny and that’s why I’m thinking very often (especially during the wintertime) that why am I living in Finland. In Italy I really felt like it was my soul country. But heyyyy, Italyyy I’m coming for you in May! ♥IMG_7112IMG_7115Can you find the small heart-smoke in the picture above?


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